Why coconut water is good for you

Value of the Coconut Water

What is coconut water?

The coconut tree belongs to the palm type. In the ancient Indian culture, the coconut tree known as KAPRUKA or the tree of thought. It is a wonderful tree because of its benefits. Coconut fruit contains a clear liquid called “Coconut water” or “Coconut Juice”. Coconut water is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it surpasses all artificial drinks. When considering the value of coconut water, naturalness, freshness, nutrition, and the cooling of the coconut water are prominent features.

Coconut water is free from germs. Because the outer cover of the coconut naturally creates an environment free of microbes. The percentage of fat in coconut water is very low. Compare to the artificial drinks, they contain low sugar content. Initially, coconut water contains sucrose and some sugar types, but over time there is increased sucrose and reduced sugar. Aldehyde volatile compounds are responsible for the unique aroma of coconut water.

The growth of coconut usually takes about a year and the maximum water capacity of the coconut water is around 8 months. After that, the quantity of coconut water reduce. A typical sized coconut fruit contains about 300 ml of water. A natural process of purification of the coconut will take several months. The final composition of coconut water is very similar to our cell plasma and blood plasma. The best example is that over 500,000 people used coconut water as a substitute for saline during World War II. Therefore World Health Organization (WHO) considers coconut water as a valuable beverage that has many internal and external ailments.

Who drinks coconut water most?

Today coconut water is a popular drink in Japan, Europe, the United States, South Korea, and China. Because they know the value of coconut water and the health benefit of the coconut water. The main exporters of the coconut water are the Philippine, Indonesia, and India. King coconut from Sri Lanka has a special place in the world.

Different types of coconut water

1. King coconut water

King coconut is native to Sri Lanka, and several varieties are available. The coconut tree is higher than the king coconut tree. King coconut water is delicious than coconut water. Also, it is a biologically purified and the world’s sweetest natural drink and generally, used in Ayurvedic treatments. Usually, king coconut harvest at an immature stage

2. Coconut water

Generally, coconut water comes from the green immature coconuts which are sweeter than mature coconut water. Different varieties of coconut have slightly different flavors.  The best time to harvest is nine months after pollination. Immature coconut fruits can easily be chopped at the top of a softer shell but matured solidified shells are not easy. Those are showing the special value of coconut water.

Nutrient content of coconut water

Naturally a refreshing drink, coconut water is rich in nutrients. A cup of coconut water contains many nutrients our body needs. About 46% of the water in a coconut contains calories. And the rest is rich in minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, antioxidants, bioactive enzymes, plant hormones, and heart-healthy fats and other nutrients. It is rich in many enzymes as well as a small amount of vitamin C and herbal hormones such as riboflavin, niacin, and auxin.

When considering the nutrient content of the coconut water, it is rich in Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, and ions of natural sugar. Furthermore, it is rich in dietary fiber and contains micronutrients such as manganese, sulfur, iodine, calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, and vitamin B. It has high nutrients, and is very similar to hydrolysis value of blood plasma and help to maintain salinity in the body. This drink is evaluated as a low-fat non-alcoholic beverage. There are no harmful cholesterol, no calories, and no sugar. The acidity value range is pH 5-6.

What is the best time to drink coconut water?

Although coconut water is one of the best drinks to combat the heat of summer, it is also used as a powerful drink that increases instant energy. Unlike other drinks, there is no specific time to drink coconut water. Whether you are tired, sick, happy, or thirsty, you can enjoy it. Drinking fresh coconut water at any time of the day is good, but drinking it at the right time is twice the health benefits you get.

1. Early morning on an empty stomach

Drinking coconut water on an empty stomach in the morning can provide many benefits. Lauric acid found in coconut water naturally helps to boost immunity, enhance metabolism, and reduce weight. Thus coconut water helps regulate blood pressure and improve intestinal function. Doctors recommend coconut water to pregnant women to help with dehydration, constipation and relieve morning sickness

2. Before and after the exercise

Coconut water is a natural sports drink that can boost energy before work out and helps in hydrate the body. This helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion

3. Before and after the meal

Drinking the glass of coconut water before a meal can make you feel full and it prevents overeating and weight gain problems. Therefore, law calories are easily absorbed by the stomach. Drink coconut water after meals helps to digest food faster, prevent the reduction of appetite, blotting, and inflammation. Also, it helps to control blood pressure and improves digestive function. Tannin contains in coconut water has antibacterial properties and prevent infection and nausea.

4. Before going to bed

The pleasant fragrance and sweetness of coconut water help to slow the heart rate and diminish anxiety. If you drink a glass of coconut water before going to bed, it may calm your mind and also fight against the stress.  Moreover, it helps in cleaning the urinary tract and flushing out all toxin compounds. Finally, it leads to preventing infection and kidney failure.

Health benefits of coconut water     

Although coconut water is a natural beverage that we drink from an early age, many people are not aware of the value of coconut water, especially the health benefits of coconut water. This is an excellent nutritional supplement for the elders and many patients who cannot properly digest.

1. Can control high blood pressure

Due to the high mineral content of coconut water, it can prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure. Potassium contributes to this reaction, and reduce the effect of sodium on the blood pressure of people who suffer from hypertension. Importantly, coconut water alone is not sufficient to reduce or control blood pressure.

Research using hypertensive patients found that drinking coconut water reduced their blood pressure by 70%. Anti-thrombic activity in coconut water can prevent the formation of arterial blood clots.

2. Prevent the kidney stone formation

Kidney stones are hard, crystalline mineral material where form within the kidney or urinary tract. Some stones can be as tiny as a grain of sand and be large enough to block the urine tract. It is not easy to bear that pain.

Drinking enough fluid is important to prevent kidney stones. Although mineral water is good, coconut water is better. Urinary stimulation ability in coconut water helps prevent urinary tract infections. Drinking coconut water can break down kidney stones.

The researchers, also found that coconut water prevents the adhesion of stones in the kidney and urinary tract. Moreover, reduce the stone formation by coconut water. Because coconut water can remove the minerals that affect the growth of kidney stones.

3. Prevent dehydration

Dehydration causes many diseases, including kidney stones in the human body. However, drinking coconut water instead of water saves the body from dehydration, and skin dryness on warm days. Moreover, coconut water is better for dehydration due to cholera, diarrhea, and stomach ache. Therefore drinking coconut water helps to control those conditions. Also, it helps to reduce dehydration caused by the overuse of the body.

4. Beneficial for pregnant women

Drinking coconut water helps pregnant mothers to relieve discomfort such as vomiting. The quality of coconut water is great. In the meantime, this drink would be great for pregnant women. This drink gives the body a sense of strength and vitality.

Well, Coconut water is good medicine for early pregnancy problems, toothache, and later on high blood pressure, heart and stomach ailment.  It is a beneficial drink for the growth of the baby and the mother’s health. One of the most important benefits of coconut water is immunity. It protects the infant and mother against bacteria, fungal, and viral diseases.

Because coconut water is an energy drink, it gives energy to birth. Coconut water can maintain the nutrition it needs for a pregnant mother

5. Prevent you from aging

When considering the value of coconut water, this is sure to win the attention of men and women.  Coconut water can help prevent aging. The plant hormone contains in coconut water can help control aging complications. It has a significant effect on reducing skin aging. The cytokines hormone in coconut water is important for reducing aging complications and protecting youthful appearance.

These cytokines can reduce the risk of cancer. Because coconut water contains anti-carcinogenic properties, and constituents that maintain the pH value of the body. Cytokines and Lauric acid need for new cell regeneration. Furthermore, coconut water can maintain blood cell count, and strengthen bones, muscles, and tissues.

Frequently, washing your face with coconut water helps to heal sunburns. And also fade away the scars on the skin and improve the skin color. This delays the skin aging process, and increase moisture and lightness. Finally, the youthful look lasts a long time.

Moreover, coconut water has a special place among the drinks that protect the skin. It can be used as a natural moisturizer. Washing your face with coconut water every day will help you get rid of acne and get a good night’s sleep. This is ideal for transforming dry and wrinkled skin into beautiful bright skin.  As well as it is suitable for people with oily skin. All this makes the skin smoother.

Washing your hair with coconut water before taking a shower helps to get rid of unruly hair and keep hair soft and smooth. The head massage with coconut water act as a natural conditioner with fungicidal lauric acid. It cures fungus and blisters on the head and prevents hair fall by protecting the hair root. Also, causes blue hair to grow and brightens the hair.

It cures fungus and blisters on the head and protects the hair root and prevents hair fall. And also causes blue hair to grow and shine. Coconut water that is beneficial to the eye also improves the vision and prevents cataracts and glaucoma.

6. Good for the digestive system

As a good remedy, people use coconut water for constipation, indigestion, poisoning, dengue fever, and dysentery. It has properties that can stop vomiting, inflammation of the stomach, gastritis, digestive disorders, and stomach filling. Furthermore, it helps to get rid of hot spots in the mouth. This drink can also prevent damage to the body because of eating too much salt. It also eliminates the need to consume excessive food. This drink has the potential to eliminate constipation and goes beyond fruit.

7. The best energy drink in the world

This is a perfect beverage that can maintain electrolyte loss during the workout. The electrolyte is a mineral that includes potassium, sodium, and calcium. Those minerals in coconut water help to regain lost energy. Potassium is abundant in coconut water, and researchers say that coconut water is more powerful than a banana. And also it contains simple sugar called glucose. This glucose is one of the crucial factors in the energy drink.

Also, coconut water helps people to recover from dehydration after exercising. Some athletes use it to improve their performance during their training. Furthermore, because it is rich in ions, it uses as saline in wars, for seriously wounded soldiers. As mentioned earlier, coconut water has the potential to give pregnant women the energy they need to deliver.  Few studies found that coconut water helps to rehydrate the body like an energy drink, but does not have a significant impact on athletic performance.

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